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Just Transition Strategy Consultation

Started 09 November 2022 09:00 — Ended 31 July 2023 23:59

Started 09 November 2022 09:00 Ended 31 July 2023 23:59
Status: Closed
Updated on 09 January 2024

We Asked

If our vision for a Just Transition was clear and if it was ambitious enough.

We asked if there were further areas of activity we should be considering.

You Said

On our ambition and vision

  • We were ambitious and that our vision was clear
  • That we had a focus on vulnerable customers

Our Opportunities

  • More engagement with communities to access the benefits of Net Zero and the growth of our network.
  • Make more use of Social Return on Investment to identify good projects

We Did

We continue to review the Just Transition Strategy as part of all our regular business and will update this with our progress and challenges.

Within our Transmission Business Plan we facilitate a Net Zero Fund to support communities on their own journey to Net Zero.

We are collaborating with other Network Operators and the Energy Network Association in the development of a Social Return on Investment tool that will provide a consistent and balanced view of our projects and the benefits they bring to our communities.