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About this site

We are SP Energy Networks. As a Distribution and Transmission Network Operator we keep electricity flowing to homes and businesses throughout Central and Southern Scotland, North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Shropshire.

We do this through the network of Overhead Lines and Underground Cables which we own and maintain. No matter who you pay your bill to, we’re the people to contact if you have a power cut, need a new or upgraded power connection or spot an issue with our equipment.

Our three regulated electricity businesses are:

• SP Transmission PLC (SPT)
• SP Distribution PLC (SPD)
• SP Manweb PLC (SPM)

If you are interested in our services and projects, if our work has the potential to impact you, or if you have an influence over the work we do, then you are a stakeholder.

We want to know your views on our plans, and work together so that we can deliver the best services possible.